National Association of State Lobbyists Services

National Association of State Lobbyists (NASL) member firms provide a broad scope of state legislative lobbyist and other services for clients including the nation’s and states’ top private and publicly owned businesses; national, state and local trade associations; and charitable and nonprofit organizations.

Services our member firms may provide include:

  • Lobbying State (Legislative and Executive) Government and Local Government

We are retained by clients to represent them—their side of specific issues on pending Legislation, Rules and Regulations—to the appropriate members of the legislative and executive branches of state government. We are the communications channel between our clients and state legislators, Department Secretaries, Commissioners, and their staffs. As governmental affairs professionals, we explain the issues from our client’s point of view, and foster support, change or opposition to pending legislation and issues before all branches of state and local government.

  • Monitoring and Bill Tracking

We continually track legislation, monitoring the progress of all legislation that could affect—either positively or negatively—the operations and well-being of our clients. We keep clients apprised of pending legislation at every stage of the legislative process. As amendments to legislation are offered or adopted, our clients are notified, letting them know what the changes are and what the consequences of those changes might be.

  • Project Issue Management

Our member firms are often engaged to manage a particular issue, project or specific legislation that may be too specialized or complex for any individual firm, organization or government body to manage alone. In such cases, we develop an issue management team, in which we create a working coalition to research, monitor and manage the progress of the issue or legislation, coordinating all of the activities and professionals required to achieve a successful resolution.

NASL member firms also manage large procurement projects, assembling appropriate organizations and specialists, coordinating their efforts and utilizing their specific strengths to procure a contract or major project.

  • State Government Affairs Consulting

After a bill is passed by the Legislature, it must be signed by the governor before it becomes law. Often, our task is to work with the Executive Branch staff, providing cousel on the merits, as well as any potential downsides, of a specific piece of legislation. In our role as consultant, we serve as an objective and credible source of guidance, providing information and background in order to help the Executive Branch reach the optimum decision.

  • Local Government Affairs Consulting

Many of our member firms serve as consultants with individual city governments and councils on issues related to local ordinances and regulations.

  • Coalition Building

On large issues, NASL member firms are often called on to help build community or statewide coalitions of businesses, associations and/or lobbyists, uniting them in an effort to achieve common goals.

  • Grass Roots Projects

Member firms work at many levels of the legislative process in order to bring about positive outcomes. We often mobilize constituent groups with common interests—physicians, business owners, employees and others—encouraging and assisting them in contacting their lawmakers in a coordinated grass-roots effort to affect pending legislation.

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